Air Curtains


Air barriers which prevent stream of air through manipulative openings

Air curtains prevent undesirable influx of air through doors and other manipulative openings on the buildings and halls, providing protection of the inside air-conditioned space from the ingress of external cold or warm air, unpleasant odors, insects, dust and other airborne pollutants. Termovent air curtains are primarily intended for industrial buildings – production halls, warehouses, workshops and similar. Easy installation, operation, maintenance and high quality of built-in components guarantee functionality, reliability and long lifespan.

Standard Air Curtains Offer:

  • Cold Air Curtains without Heaters
  • Water Heated Air Curtains
  • Electric Heated Air Curtains

All air curtain models are modular, while combinations with additional equipment and dimensions are almost infinite. In addition to standard air curtains, Termovent also manufactures air curtains for specific needs when specific air stream velocity and air range are required.

Air curtains are manufactured in accordance with ISO standards, compliant with EU directives and bear the CE marking.

For more information about the specific type of air curtains, select the appropriate link or contact us. Our engineers will help you find the optimal solution.

Air Curtains Brochure
For more information about the types of Termovent air curtains and their technical specifications download our pdf brochure.
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