Air Handling Units


Central air preparation systems

Our main manufactured products include central air preparation systems – air handling units. In line with the market demands and facility characteristics, Termovent developed the following range of central air preparation system products:  

Termovent air handling units:

  • Standard air handling units - Std:Pro
  • Ceiling-mounted air handling units - Slim:Pro
  • Compact air handling units  - Compact:Pro
  • Swimming pool air handling units - Hydra:Pro
  • Hygienic air handling units - Hygiene:Pro
  • Custom air handling units

Termovent air handling units are manufactured in accordance with ISO standards, compliant with the EU directives and bear the CE marking.

In addition to the favorable price, high quality level and high energy efficiency, our air handling units are distinctive also in their capacity of adjustment to the specific requirements of a project. Along with short delivery times, easy maintenance and installation, Termovent air handling units represent a good choice for the design and construction of central air preparation systems.

For more information about specific types of air handling units select the appropriate link or contact us. Our engineers will provide you with the necessary technical support and assist you in making the optimal choice.    

Air handling units
For more information about the types of Termovent air handling units and their detailed technical specifications download our catalogue in pdf format.
Klima komore katalog
Products Catalog (pdf)
Air handling units installation manual
Installation Manual (pdf)