Ceiling mounted air handling units


Central air preparation systems used for installation under the ceiling

Ceiling-mounted air handling units are primarily used for installation under the ceiling or into the ceiling structure itself. They are characterized with compact dimensions whereby the overall height of the device, including a 15 mm thick thermal insulation, is 375 mm. They are intended for horizontal or vertical installation and are manufactured in three different sizes covering the air flow volumes ranging from 500 – 4.000 m3/h.

Termovent ceiling-mounted air handling units are easy to maintain and install. The fan and filter service doors are placed on the bottom side, while the heat exchanger connections are placed laterally. At the buyer's request and depending on the project requirements, it is possible to make modifications in the design with respect to the standard systems.

Owing to the modular design, by combining diverse functional units, it is possible to have various air treatment applications ranging from common ventilation to air conditioning of the facility including the option of exhaust air exploitation.

The unit can be operated manually, through an interrupter switch in a room, or automatically, when the device is delivered with the elements required for an automatic and fully autonomous operation.

For more information, technical support and assistance with project design documentation or design process, as well as the possibilities of a non-standard version, feel free to consult our team of experts.

Ceiling monted air handling units
Air handling units
For more information about the types of Termovent air handling units and their detailed technical specifications, download our catalogue in pdf format.
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