Clean Room HVAC system design


Design and Preparation of Project Documentation for Clean Rooms

Clean rooms are environmentally fully controlled areas. The control of concentration of airborne particles is not achieved only by air filtration. Clean rooms must be constructed in a way as to minimize introduction, generation and retention of particles inside the room, whereby other relevant parameters (temperature, humidity and air pressure) must be controlled within acceptable limits. 

The design of HVAC systems for clean rooms, with respect of all applicable GMP, FDA and GAMP requirements, as basic guidelines and applicable standards, is a part Termovent Engineering business activity. 

With our projects we provide achievement of required air cleanliness class for a specified room, in accordance with GMP requirements, which in addition to the air filtration, require a constant number of air changes, maintenance of pressure cascade between adjacent rooms, of temperature and air humidity in a narrow band, certain velocity and type of airflow, as well as the manner of rinsing of the room.

The content of our project documentation fully complies with the applicable recommendations and conditions for a positive DQ evaluation (Design Qualification). The proper labeling (TAG) of all the elements in our projects, both mechanical as well as elements of automatic control, fully ensures logical linkage of the installed equipment through all the documents contained in the validation set (IQ, OQ, ...).
A large number of implemented projects, possession of necessary licenses, conducted commissioning and validation procedures are the reasons which place Termovent Engineering among the qualified companies for design of clean rooms.
Clean Room Specialists
Clean Rooms are specially constructed, environmentally controlled enclosed spaces, where particles of a size 0.3 microns and larger have negative impact on production process. They are widely used in semiconductor manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical, medical devices and biotechnology production, and similar.
Clean rooms catalog
Clean Rooms Catalog (PDF)