Clean rooms HVAC


Complete turnkey system engineering

Our commitment to offering a complete engineering service and the development of a complete production programme has resulted in the establishment of a specialised department - Termovent Engineering.

Termovent Engineering, in addition to the construction of clean rooms (GMP-class A, B, C and D) made of Termovent modular component system, specialises in a complete turnkey HVAC and BMS systems engineering.

Termovent modular component system conforms with the GMP, FDA as well as the ISO 14644 standard guidelines. Conformity with the valid regulations in the field of Clean Room Technology enables its use in the rooms ranging from class ISO 9 to ISO 1 (GMP classes A, B, C and D). The main components of this system comprise of sandwich- panels, glazing elements, interlock systems and various aluminium profiles used for the construction of the following systems:
  • wall systems
  • lining systems
  • ceiling systems
  • door systems
  • glazing systems

The high level of engineering know-how, together with the high-quality and reliability of the HVAC and BMS applications (GMP classes A, B, C and D) have led Termovent to become a strategic partner to the world's leading pharmaceutical manufacturers. Termovent's complete engineering includes:
  • HVAC System Design
  • Equipment Manufacturing, Delivery and Installation 
  • Manufacturing, Delivery and Installation of Automatic Control Systems with Central Systems
  • Equipment Commissioning and Start-Up and Measurement with Calibrated Measuring Instruments
  • Preparation of validation documents in accordance with the GMP requirements as follows: validation plan (VP), design qualification (DQ), functional design specification (FDS), IQ and OQ documentation with tests.

Demonstration of a Termovent HVAC system operation used in clean room technology can be viewed at the following video presentation:

For more information about possible business collaboration opportunities and execution of projects in the field of clean room technology, feel free to contact us.  
Quality Comes First
Successful projects implemented over the past two decades throughout the European Union and in the local market are the best confirmation of the quality of our products and our way of doing business. Termovent is your reliable partner in the field of HVAC systems. 
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About Us (pdf)