Compact air handling units


Highly energy-efficient air handling units with compact dimensions

Compact air handling units are functional units of small dimension which represent a combination of optimally coordinated components. They are highly energy-efficient systems for central air preparation and provide all necessary functions for air treatment within one device: ventilation, heating, cooling, filtration, humidification, dehumidification of air as well as recuperation of energy. The efficiency of the unit for recuperation of energy at nominal air flow volume exceeds 80%.

Compact air handling units are delivered with complete control system already integrated into the unit. They are exceptionally easy to install and require only the supply of air and connecting of sensors’ prior to operation.

For more information, technical support and assistance with project design documentation or design process, as well as the possibilities of a non-standard version, feel free to consult our team of experts.

Compact air handling units
Air handling units
For more information about the types of Termovent air handling units and their detailed technical specifications, download our catalogue in pdf format.
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