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Termovent in Brief


1993. Foundation of the company Termovent
1993. The purchase of new machines and modernisation of the production facility
1995. Adoption of modular air handling units production technology
1997. Beginning of hygienic air handling units production
1998. Beginning of control cabinets and central management systems production
2000. Establishment of the repair service
2004. Clean Room Technology mastered and applied
2005. Obtained CE marking
2005. Entry into the European market
2007. Beginning of the production of variable geometry steel fin heat exchangers
2008. Company seat moved into new business premises
2008. Engineers fully trained for preparation of complete validation documentation (VP, IQ, OQ among others)
2009. Partnership contract with SIEMENS signed
2009. Beginning of the production of swimming pool air handling units
2010. Introduction of the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard
2011. Five-year agreement on technical-business cooperation with the company Pfizer Global Manufacturing Belgium signed
2012. Foundation of the company Termovent Engineering
2012. Work health and safety management system introduced
2012. Environmental management system introduced
2012. Purchase of new factory and production capacity expansion
2012. Establishment of representative office in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
2013. Obtained the EAC marking 
2013. Entry into the Eurasian market (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan) 
2013. Establishment of representative office in Austria
2013. Establishment of representative office for Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan 
2014. Beginning of floor and wall convector heaters production 
2014. Beginning of production of modular component systems for clean room technology

Company Management Team

Dušan Perović, President
Miloš Perović, COO and Head of CRE Department
Andrija Perović, CEO
Nikola Mršić, Head of HVAC Equipment Department
Nenad Gačić, Head of Finance
Željko Spasojević, Head of Legal Affairs
Dragan Šušak, Head of Procurement
Glišo Prijić, Technical Director
Darko Njegovan, Head of Manufacturing

Product Range

Termovent is a company specialized in manufacturing and design of HVAC equipment and process systems. Our major products include:
  • Air Handling Units
  • Clean Room Solutions

Termovent, in addition to the construction of clean rooms (GMP-class A, B, C and D) made of Termovent modular component system, specialises in a complete turnkey HVAC and BMS systems engineering.

Certificates and Standards

  • TUV Certificate of Standard ISO 9001:2008 - introduced quality management  system ISO 9001:2008 in the field of manufacturing, installation and sales of equipment for air conditioning, heating and cooling
  • Confirmation of Affixation of the CE Marking - Termovent has the right to affix the CE marking on the following products: air handling units, air heaters, rooftop fans, CAV/VAV control dampers
  • Confirmation of Affixation of the EAC Marking - Termovent's air handling units and air heaters have the right to bear the EAC marking
  • Hygienic Conformity Certificate - Certificate confirm thatTermovent air handling units conform  with the  hygienic standards and sanitary regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union
  • SR OHSAS 18001:2008 / OHSAS 18001:2007- introduced health and safety management system for manufacturing, installation and automation of air conditioning, heating and cooling systems
  • SR EN ISO 14001:2005/ISO 14001 - introduced environmental management system for manufacturing, installation and automation of air conditioning, heating and cooling systems

Business Units Locations

Termovent – headquarters, Blvd. Milutina Milankovica 11a, GTC Square, building S, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia
Termovent – production sector, Djerdapski put b.b., Kladovo, Serbia

Representation Offices Abroad

DT Termo Group
Representative in Russia  
Медовый переулок, д. 5, 107023 Moscow, Russia
Phone: +7 495 7772 399
E-mail: info@dttermo.ru
Web: www.dttermo.ru
Ets. Fr. Beaupain
Representative in Benelux
Avenue du Commerce 32, 1420 Braine-l' Alleud, Belgium
Phone: +32 2 387 0140
E-mail: o.burguet@beupain.be

Representation for Republic of Macedonia
Lazo Trpovski 30-1/13
1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Phone: + 389 (0) 2 2630 402
Mobile: + 389 (0)75 340 161
E-mail: s.mladenov@termovent.rs 

Quality Comes First
Successful projects implemented over the past two decades throughout the European Union and in the local market are the best confirmation of the quality of our products and our way of doing business. Termovent is your reliable partner in the field of HVAC systems. 
About us (pdf)
About Us (pdf)