Custom air handling units


Air handling units designed to meet the requirements of clients

Custom air handling units are intended for industrial buildings and special-purpose facilities and are manufactured in line with project requirements. The design of air handling units is fully adjusted to the specific nature of the facility or to a technological process itself. These units represent highly energy-efficient systems which exploit the production process, exhaust energy or represent a balance between the future comfort and reduction of energy costs and CO2 emissions, taking into account all the specificities of the facility.

The custom air handling units represent the confirmation of high engineering potential, years of experience and corporative engagement of Termovent in development of quality control systems and application of new technical and technological knowledge and achievements.

For more information regarding the manufacturing of custom air handling units, feel free to contact us. Our team of engineers will prepare a solution proposal in line with the requirements of your project and provide all the necessary support regarding the realization of the project.

Air handling units
For more information about the types of Termovent air handling units and their detailed technical specifications, download our catalogue in pdf format.
Klima komore katalog
Products Catalog (pdf)
Air handling units installation manual
Installation Manual (pdf)