Distribution elements


HVAC system elements for distribution and regulation of air

The elements for distribution of air from the Termovent production program allow for soundless ventilation, optimal distribution of air, efficient airing of rooms and guarantee precisely determined supply air and exhaust air volume flows. They are applied in various facilities: business and residential buildings, concert and sports halls, hotels, hospitals, swimming pools, shopping malls, industrial halls, ...

Termovent distribution elements:

  • Fixed External Louvers
  • Regulation Dampers
  • Overpressure Dampers
  • Combined Louvers
  • Sand-Trap Louvers
  • Variable Air Volume Control Dampers (VAV)
  • Constant Air Volume Control Dampers (CAV)
  • Floor Diffusers
  • Sound Attenuators

For more information about the specific type of distribution elements select the appropriate link or contact us. Our engineers will assist you in selecting the optimal solution.
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