EAC termovent certified for russian market


The Termovent company production program complies with new technical regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union – Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan 

In order to protect their market, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have introduced new regulations regarding certification of products that are being imported into these markets. New technical regulations on safety of machinery and equipment came into force in February 2013.

Termovent is one of the few companies both from the region and from the EU territory that has ensured compliance of its production program with the new technical regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union. Air handling units, control cabinets and air heaters manufactured by Termovent now have the right to bear the EAC mark of conformity for the import of machinery and industrial equipment into the member countries of the Eurasian Customs Union - Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Obtaining of the EAC mark represents yet another confirmation of the quality of the production program, as well as of the procedures and practices applied in the manufacturing process by the Termovent company. The experts from the Russian company Global Standard have checked the organizational structure of the company and the management accountability, normative and technical documentation, manufacturing process as well as the control of the quality of equipment and production program. Based on the trial protocol, they have issued “Санитарно-гигиеническое заключение” and “Сертификат соотве́тствия” for air handling units and control cabinets, and “Декларация о соответствии” for air heaters.

“High technical level and competitiveness have already resulted in Termovent landing two big project contracts for the Russian market. We have decided to initiate the procedure for getting the EAC certificate, which is costly and demanding. Obtaining of  “Сертификат соотве́тствия” for air handling units and control cabinets required the arrival of Russian experts to our factory and control of the entire business management process of the company. At present, in addition to DT Terma, our representative in the Russian market, we have also the Russian company Global Standard to stand behind us.  In this way we wanted to provide our future Russian clients with the maximum support and safety. In addition to the Termovent’s support, our future clients can also count on the support of a group of Russian experts from Global Standard.”-  said Dušan Perović, General Director of the Termovent company.
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