HVAC equipment installation


Execution of HVAC in Clean Room Applications

In addition to design, Termovent Engineering is specialized in execution of HVAC applications in the field of clean room technology. As additional security for future investors of projects in Serbia and European Union we submit paid liability insurance. 
Safety Plan and Risk Assessment are prepared for each project in accordance with “General Regulation for Employee Protection at the Workplace” (ARAB), “General Regulation on Electrical Installations” (AREI), as well as in line with national and local regulations.

Termovent Engineering teams are familiar with responsibilities, general regulations and guidelines, and they comply with all precaution measures and procedures resulting from Safety Plan and Risk Assessment documents. In addition to professional skills, all our teams are familiar with the protocols of entry into class A  rooms as per GMP requirements, and the work in the same. They are trained and equipped to carry out work at height.

Meeting deadlines, flexibility and innovative solutions resulted in us becoming strategic partners of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. We have also signed a five-year agreement on exclusive technical and business cooperation with the multinational company Pfizer Manufacturing.
Clean Room Specialists
Clean Rooms are specially constructed, environmentally controlled enclosed spaces, where particles of a size 0.3 microns and larger have negative impact on production process. They are widely used in semiconductor manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical, medical devices and biotechnology production, and similar.
Clean rooms catalog
Clean Rooms Catalog (PDF)