Equipment Start up


Full Adjustment of the System Operation to the On-site Equipment

In addition to delivery of air handling units, Termovent provides design and construction of management systems, peripheral automatic control elements, control cabinets and adjustment of performance of automatic control elements and electric drives.

Termovent control cabinets are manufactured in accordance with ISO standards, compliant with EU directives and have the right to bear the CE marking. The cabinets are fully wired and tested, delivered with all necessary elements of DDC control systems, and all energy elements, with appropriate supporting documentation. 
Our offer of HVAC system commissioning and start-up, in addition to delivery of a control cabinet, includes adjustment of the system to the on-site equipment, installation and connection of the peripheral automatic control elements, visual and functional inspection of the automatic control equipment, DDC controller programming and adjustment of the system parameters for the optimal start and operation mode.
Training of users for basic repair services and emergency interventions is an integral part of the equipment start-up offer, while measuring of parameters with calibrated equipment is optional.

We have equipment for measuring of temperature, pressure, air volume flow and water flow in an HVAC system.

Support in All Stages
Termovent provides support to its partners in all project stages – from selecting the optimal solution in the design phase, through adjustments and commissioning, until the end of the system service life through regular and emergency maintenance.