HVAC Systems and Equipment in Food and Beverage Industry

In the food industry, the quality of air has a direct impact on quality of produced food. Maintenance of prescribed temperature levels, air humidity and allowed level of contaminating particles are the key factors in creation of a safe environment for production of food and beverages. Special attention is paid to preventing of ingress of contaminating particles in order to avoid contamination of food, fermentation, generation of unpleasant odors or reducing of shelf life of products.

Food industry represents a highly demanding area of HVAC system application. It requires preparation of air with very strict cleanliness levels at law temperatures with easy maintenance and cleaning. Termovent systems are produced to meet specific features of the food industry while achieving high energy-efficiency with low operational costs.

If your project has specific requirements with respect to the standard solutions, Termovent can produce customized solutions.

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HVAC Solutions
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