Hot oil heat exchangers


Heat exchangers using hot oil as the working fluid

Hot oil heat exchangers are designed for heating of air in winter period or can be used to provide supplemental heat in zone air conditioning systems. They use thermal oil as the working fluid. The main advantages of using the thermal oil as the working fluid are reaching of high working temperature (up to 320 C) with low operating pressures  (up to 6 bar), without danger of corrosion and without the possibility of freezing during the winter.
Termovent hot oil heat exchangers which use thermal oil up to maximum temperature of 200 C for heating are made of aluminum-finned copper tubes. The copper-aluminum compound is formed by mechanical expansion, which ensures the maximum coefficient of heat transfer without contact resistance between the tube and the fin. Owing to its compact design, cross-counter flow of fluids and square-sectioned channel layout, the hot oil heat exchangers generate the heat transfer coefficient of 30-40 W/m2K.
For hot oil heat exchangers with the working fluid temperatures over 200 C, instead of copper, the steel finned tubes are used. The dimensions of this exchanger type are 5-6 higher with respect to the Cu-Al exchangers. 
Together with hot oil heat exchangers, we can also deliver a complete regulation circuit as well as all the necessary installation equipment.
If you need assistance in selecting the right hot oil heat exchanger, technical support or information about possible specific constructions of the product, feel free to contact us.

Custom Made Production
In addition to standard sized heat exchangers, we are able to determine dimensions and manufacture channel exchangers in line with the specific requirements of your project. We have a solution for each situation.