Modular Clean Room System


Modular Clean Room System - MCR System

The Termovent modular component system designed for construction of clean rooms is manufactured according to the IMGRADA CR system. The entire system conforms to the GMP, FDA as well as the ISO 14644 standard guidelines. Conformity to the valid regulations in the field of Clean Room Technology enables its use in the rooms ranging from class ISO 9 to ISO 1 (GMP classes A, B, C and D).

The design of Termovent's modular clean room system - MCR System enables its easy integration with other systems. The combination of various materials offers a wide range of finishings as well as applications: pharmaceutical, electro, chemical and food industry, healthcare institutions, laboratories, print houses, ...

The Termovent modular component MCR System is hermetical and prefabricated. The basic components of this system are sandwich panels. Their good thermal insulation and noise control, as well as high thrust resistance make them suitable for the most heavily loaded transport lines in production plants All finishing elements are rounded. The surfaces are made of impermeable materials, smooth, without cavities and easily washable. The material finishing contains no toxic matters; it does not emit micro particles into the atmosphere and prevents bacterial development.

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Clean Room Specialists
Clean Rooms are specially constructed, environmentally controlled enclosed spaces, where particles of a size 0.3 microns and larger have negative impact on production process. They are widely used in semiconductor manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical, medical devices and biotechnology production, and similar.
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