Pfizer Puurs


Significant growth of projects realized in the EU 

In the course of 2012 "Termovent" saw a significant growth of projects realized in the EU, primarily in Belgium, where it implemented large projects for the companies "Purna Pharmaceuticals" and "Delpharma". A new contract with the company "Pfizer Global Manufacturing", the world’s largest corporation for production of pharmaceutical products was signed at the end of December.

This company operates as a large system. One section deals with human medicine or production of medical devices for the needs of people and population, while the other section is focused on Animal Health program.

The first contract signed last year with the expiry of the validity period in 2016, secured our company’s constant presence in projects involving production of devices for human use. Also, a contract with the section dealing with production of veterinarian products valid until 2017 was signed in late December. Two orders under this contract, one worth EUR 106,000 and the other worth EUR 1,35 million have already been realized.

The cooperation has also been resumed with the Spanish company "Koteks Viscofan" which operates in Novi Sad. So far "Termovent" has installed 12 new production lines for sausage casing manufacturing in this factory, reconstructed the 12 existing ones and commissioned another 3 new production lines in 2012 .
HVAC System Specialists 
We manufacture and design HVAC equipment and process systems. When you need a reliable partner for the projects in the field of heating, cooling, ventilation or air conditioning, Termovent is a good choice.