Termovent kicks-off production in a new plant in Kladovo on January 15 

"Termovent" has recently purchased manufacturing hall with a greater part of the technology and property from the Austrian company "Huber-GmbH".  The hall with a single-storey annex covers a surface of approximately 2.320 m2. The base price paid by "Termovent" to "Huber", including the facility with the accompanying infrastructure and part of the technology, amounts to 380.000 EUR. 

New plant in KladovoThe factory was purchased in an unfinished state and was completely equipped to meet the needs of Termovent.  The production in the new manufacturing hall will start on January 15th, 2013.

The development of the company in terms of both the introduction and commercialization of new products as well as the growth of export to the territories of the EU, made us expand the existing manufacturing capacity. 

The average growth of our production from year to year is between 20 and 30%. Considering that  more than 70% of the projected production volume for 2013 has already been sold out, we expect that with new capacities, employment opportunities and technological upgrading we will be able to increase it by at least 50%. 

Production facility KladovoThe new plant will be officially opened this year on the day the company was founded, on the occasion of celebration of  20 years of Termovent.
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We manufacture and design HVAC equipment and process systems. When you need a reliable partner for the projects in the field of heating, cooling, ventilation or air conditioning, Termovent is a good choice.