Air Conditioning Solutions for Business Premises

In order to increase productivity and quality employees’ performance, modern office space requires high air quality. We singled out five factors which according to the reserach affect the most the quality of air in the workplace:

Temperature of air - Ideal temperature value should  be in the range of  20-24 C. The research shows that the efficiency of people drops when the temperature of air exceeds these limits.

Humidity of air - Ideally, air humidity level should be in the range of 30 - 60%. When the humidity is below  30% the strength of the immune system declineswhich results in illness increase and absence from work. When the humidity level is above 60%, people feel uncomfortable and that reduces concentration levels, thus efficiency.

Noise - Noise is a factor which affects primarily concentration but can also cause fatigue. For this reason it is necessary to keep noise at the prescribed level.

Draft - Drafts and uncontrolled air flow also disturb the concentration of employees. Modern HVAC systems must ensure that there are no currents of aireven when the windows are open.

Fresh air - Imperative of each HVAC system to be used in office space area is to bring a prescribed volume of fresh air to each and every employee. Otherwise, the presence of carbon dioxide is increased while the ability of employee to work is reduced.

Our products are designed and manufactured to meet precisely these factors. For more information about individual components or complete solutions for air conditioning of business premises, see our range of products or contact us to jointly find an optimal solution to your project.
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