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HVAC Systems in the Drug Manufacturing Industry

All pharmaceutical industry products must be produced in air conditioned and clean space. International standards and directives such as FDA and GMP are applied in each phase of production including the packaging and storing phase. For this reason, the air conditioning and ventilation system in the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most vital elements in the manufacturing process.

The working area is sensitive to airborne contamination which is why it is necessary to provide adequate protection from ingress of pollutants. The manufacturing process itself also generates fumes that need to be exhausted from the plant to prevent the contamination of areas in which the production takes place. Only the familiarity with all the specificities of the pharmaceutical industry guarantees successful designing and manufacturing of optimal HVAC solution.

With years of experience and numerous references from the local and European market, Termovent represents an ideal partner for equipping of pharmaceutical industry with HVAC systems. Our systems meet strict requirements of pharmaceutical industry with respect to clean rooms, manufacturing plants, offices and storage areas. Also, our systems meet high requirements regarding energy efficiency and provide low operational costs in the course of the product service life.

For more information about systems for central air treatment designed for pharmaceutical industry, see our Hygiene:Pro product line.
Clean Room Technology
Termovent Engineering as a part of Termovent company is specialized in design and execution of HVAC solutions in the field of clean rooms. The best recommendation of our work is our long-standing successful cooperation with the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers. 
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