Production growth


Termovent has set the groundwork for further boost of productivity 

"Termovent" is one of the most serious air-handling units’ manufacturers. The volume of production has maintained an average growth of 20% to 30% on annual basis. With the opening of a new plant in Kladovo, "Termovent" has successfully set the groundwork for further boost of productivity.

Considering that over 70% of the projected production volume for 2013 has been sold out, "Termovent" expects the volume of production to be increased by a minimum of 50%. The value of newly signed contracts for projects on the EU territory in 2013 amounts to approximately EUR 2,609,000, and one should add to this figure another EUR 542,000 worth of contracted and uncompleted works from 2012, which are scheduled for completion in 2013, as well as around EUR 380,000 worth of already agreed orders that we expect to receive.

In the course of 2012, "Termovent" hired more than 10 employees, while the plan for 2013 is to employ at least 20 new workers.

As for the new markets such as Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, "Termovent" is rather optimistic. One of the activities planned for 2013 is program-based cooperation with interested companies from Europe and the world in establishment of joint production and penetration of common markets in Russia and the EU.  
HVAC System Specialists 
We manufacture and design HVAC equipment and process systems. When you need a reliable partner for the projects in the field of heating, cooling, ventilation or air conditioning, Termovent is a good choice.