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HVAC Solutions for Public Spaces

Public spaces such as airport terminals, libraries, sports halls, museums, movie theatres and similar buildings have completely different requirements in terms of air preparation systems. On the one hand, we have large buildings with dynamic environment (airports, sports halls), while on the other, quiet and silent areas (museums, libraries, movie theaters). Due to major differences and conflicting requirements, it is not possible to design a standard solution which would meet the needs of all public spaces.

Termovent is a company with an experienced engineering team which will work with you to design and construct customized solutions that can meet the requirements of various projects.

For more information about cooperation opportunities as well as the choice of adequate solutions, feel free to contact us.
HVAC Solutions
High energy efficiency, adaptability of standard products to specific project requirements and top quality are the main features of Termovent products. We manufacture and design air handling units, industrial air heaters, fans, air curtains, distribution elements, ...  
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