HVAC Servicing


Regular and Emergency HVAC System Maintenance

Proper functioning of ventilation and air conditioning systems, safe equipment operation, low power consumption and the length of exploitation period depend the most on the quality and frequency of maintenance. 
Reliable repair service is an integral part of our offer. We provide high-leveled technical support for the delivered equipment. Our service engineers are trained and qualified to perform a complete check of the system and make necessary mechanical, hardware or software interventions. 
Owing to a global geographical coverage we provide quick arrival to the customer’s facility, troubleshooting and prompt service. In case of a system failure or breakdown we submit written reports on the status of the equipment, necessary measures and guaranteed repair time. 
In addition to emergency maintenance, we also offer regular system maintenance to our customers. Regular maintenance includes timely replacement of consumable elements (filters, belts and similar) and regular checks of the system (fans, motors, heat exchangers, valves and similar.). We submit written reports with descriptions of the works performed, current system status, critical elements detected and suggestions for their elimination. Regular maintenance intervals are determined on the basis of the purpose, current system status, degree of utilization and budget constraints.
Support in All Stages
Termovent provides support to its partners in all project stages – from selecting the optimal solution in the design phase, through adjustments and commissioning, until the end of the system service life through regular and emergency maintenance.