HVAC Solutions for Shopping Malls and Retail Shops

One of the key elements for customers to prefer shopping in one store or a shopping mall over the other is the air quality. Although they will not mention this as a key reason of their attachment to a particular retail shop, research shows that most consumers avoid buying in stores in which the air is stale and has a very unpleasant smell.

Supermarkets with open refrigerated display cases holding food products, or cases displaying car tires, gardening products, clothes, shoes, beverages, allin the same retail area, represent a good example. … Each product category generates different odors which when mixed become unpleasant to breathe in. When we add the size of space which requires a robust ventilation system, it becomes clear that the choice of an optimal HVAC solution is not an easy job.

Termovent offers complete solutions for air conditioning and ventilation of retail shops, shopping malls and supermarkets. If you project has specific requirements with respect to the standard versions, Termovent, owing to the modular construction process, can make customized solutions according to your specification.

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HVAC Solutions
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