Standard Air Handling Units STD Pro


Modular air handling units with wide application range

Standard air handling units have a wide-range of application - from catering establishments, coffee bars and restaurants to hotels, shopping malls and public buildings, industrial plants and manufacturing facilities.

They are characterized by modular design which, by combining diverse functional units (modules), allows for various air treatment applications as defined by the project: ventilation, heating, cooling, filtration, humidification, and dehumidification, as well as recuperation and regeneration of energy. Depending on space availability, it is possible to have horizontal, vertical, or a two-stage version.

Standard air handling units are made in 30 sizes with the air flow volumes ranging from 1.000 - 100.000 m3/h. The housing is the combination of the aluminum profiles and powder-coated panels filled with polyurethane or mineral wool. Modular design is thermally separated and allows for delivered units to be connected in the facility itself. They can be installed as external or internal units. They are manufactured in accordance with ISO standards, compliant with the EU directives and bear the CE marking.

For more information, technical support and assistance with project design documentation or design process, as well as the possibilities of a non-standard version, feel free to consult our team of experts.  

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Air handling units
For more information about the types of Termovent air handling units and their detailed technical specifications download our catalogue in pdf format.
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