Air Conditioning of Pools and Spa Centers

Air conditioning of pools and spa centers is one of the most complex tasks set before the air conditioning and ventilation systems. The goal of these systems is to provide adequate temperature of air for the users as they get out of water in order to create comfortable microclimatic conditions. In addition to the temperature, it is very important to provide air humidity control. Maintenance of prescribed air humidity levels, apart from comfortable microclimatic conditions, also provides protection of the building from negative moisture impact. All this is to be achieved with high energy-efficiency and as low energy consumption as possible.

For the above stated reasons, making the optimal choice of the air conditioning system in the design phase is of crucial importance. In this way the users have the opportunity to freely enjoy rest and relaxation, while the investors and designers can remain assured on longevity and reliability of their projects.

Termovent systems for central air preparation from the Hydra:Pro product line represent an ideal solution for air conditioning of pools, wellness and spa centers. In addition to manufacturing, we pay special attention to providing of technical support to designers and contractors, from the design phase throughout the operational phase.

For more information about systems for air conditioning of swimming pools and spaces for enjoyment see Hydra:Pro product line.

Pool Air Handling Units
Hydra:Pro air handling units are designed for air conditioning of pool areas, from the small-sized homepools through spa and wellness centers, to the indoor Olympic-sized ones. For more  information about  Hydra:Pro product line go to the following link:  
Pool Air Handling Units