Pool Air Handling Units Hydra Pro


Central air preparation systems for the air conditioning of indoor swimming pools

Swimming pool air handling units from the Hydra:Pro product line are intended for air conditioning of all types of swimming pool areas - from the home to the Olympic-sized ones. They represent air handling units of the last generation which fully and autonomously regulate microclimatic conditions within the swimming pool area. In addition to the optimal regulation of microclimatic conditions they also provide for maximum utilization of energy of the exhaust air, which can be used for heating of the swimming pool water. This allows significant energy savings and economic running and operation during usage.

For smaller-sized swimming pools with the air flow volume ranging from 450 m3/h to 5.700 m3/h there are two models of the pool air handling units offered: Hydra:Pro Compakt Basic and Hydra:Pro Compakt Genius.

Larger swimming pools requiring air flow volumes ranging from 1.700 m3/h to 42.700 m3/h use the models Hydra:Pro Basic and Hydra:Pro Genius.

Basic models of the swimming pool air handling units are equipped with a double-plate recuperator, while Genius models contain an integrated heat pump. They are manufactured in accordance with ISO standards, compliant with the relevant EU directives and bear the CE marking.

Demonstration of a pool air handling unit can be viewed at the following video presentation.

For more information, technical support and assistance with project design documentation or design process, as well as the possibilities of a non-standard version, feel free to consult our team of experts.
Swimming pool air handling units
Pool air handling units
For more information about swimming pool air handling units and their detailed technical specifications download our catalogue in pdf format.
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