Clean rooms optic fibres


Clean rooms for optic fibres production facility

The project of nanotechnology, production of fiber optic components PHOTON OPTRONICS-NIŠ, opened the door for Termovent to the Russian market as well. Successful control of the concentration of particles in the air and fully controlled environment resulted in the passive sight for nighttime sighting PHOTON OPTRONICS be proclaimed one of the best in the world.

Termovent signed with the company KATOD, Novosibirsk, Russia, a turnkey contract for the complete engineering of HVAC and BMS systems, of a surface area of 2.095m² for the production of sterile optical fibers.

The realization of KATOD project will take place at stages. The Termovent preliminary design foresees 36 clean rooms class ISO5, ISO6 and ISO7. The completion of the main project is expected by the end of May 2014, while the beginning of execution is scheduled for November 2014.

“The particles of 0.1 micron size and larger have a very negative impact on the process of production of fiber optic components and directly affect the quality of the product. In the technical and technological sense, the production of optical fibers is much more demanding than the production in the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to our experience we shall successfully meet all the technical and technological requirements. What represents a challenge for us at this point of time is the organization of the necessary infrastructure for the successful realization of this project in Russia“ – Andrija Perović.
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