Termovent services


Assistance to Designers in Selecting the Optimal HVAC Solutions

Termovent is not only the manufacturer of central ventilation systems, but also an active participant in realization of its partners’ projects. We pay special attention to the provision of design-related services and assist designers in finding optimal solutions regarding the choice and implementation of HVAC equipment.

What sets us apart from other manufacturers in the region is the application of our advanced in-house developed technology, experienced engineering staff, high energy-efficiency and environmental protection standards. Years of experience and our dedication to creation of ideal comfort conditions with minimum costs have resulted in development of wide-range of offered services.

Termovent Services:

  • Assistance in Project Implementation
  • System Commissioning and Start-Up
  • Safe and Reliable Repair Service

For more information and consultation with our experts, feel free to contact us.

Support in All Stages
Termovent provides support to its partners in all project stages – from selecting the optimal solution in the design phase, through adjustments and commissioning, until the end of the system service life through regular and emergency maintenance.